The end of my Political Rantings

Posted by Raychel Celeste

I am really sick of hearing people talk about how much they hate our president and hate this country. First off, if you hate it so much.. LEAVE! I gaurantee you we won't miss you. But first you might want to be thankful that you live in a country where you actually have the freedom to come and go if you want. Secondly, stop pretending like you support our troops when every other word out of your mouth is some unpatriotic crap about how much you hate our country and hate war. No one LIKES war you idiot, but sometimes it's necessary. You say "blah blah blah war doesn't do anything." Yeah, except war ended slavery, facism, nazism, and communism. Yep, that's nothing. Way to go genius! Our troops are the ones that would give anything and are giving everything to defend this country and our God given rights as humans. So, if you don't support our country then you sure as hell do not support the troops. Get a freakin brain you anarachist idiots. No one said you had to like the president.. but if you are really concerned about it, then stop your whining and do something. How about get off your butt and go vote next election. Until then, try to be smart about it and stop thinking it is some fad to hate the president.

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