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For the first time in a week, I have the house all to myself again. I'm making coffee and listening to Christmas music. This song, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas makes me a little sad. You'd think it's supposed to be a happy song, but it sounds like a song you'd sing to someone who is sad, so it makes me kind of melancholy. I think I'm actually excited about Christmas though. I mean, it's cold outside (which I can't stand), there's plenty of studying to do in preparation for exams, work is getting hectic; the only thing that makes this time of year bearable is the thought of Christmas. But last year Christmas with my family, well kind of without my family, was horrible. My family was going through World War XVI (16 for you non-Roman numeral reading folks). Christmas was not exactly fun or happy last year, so I'm kind of anxious about it this year. But we just put up our tree and I've done some gift shopping, and it's kind of getting me in the mood for Christmas. I guess this year I'm just going to be optimistic and hope that the rest of the family isn't remembering last year. So far there aren't any problems apart from the usual bickering over meaningless things. But I hope we're all putting in a little extra effort this year, to try and make up for last Christmas. That's all anyone can ask really. The only other thing I will need in order to have a good Christmas is for my man to come back from California. He was here for Thanksgiving and it was more than fantastic. I miss him already though and I'm just praying he gets to come back even for a few days around Christmas. Here's to wishful thinking!

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ann marie said...

Aw hun, I'm sure things will be better this year. Be thankful you have a family to fight with.

Anonymous said...

Ha! This happens more often than you know with more families than you realize.

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