A Little Bit of Ranting

Posted by Raychel Celeste

I haven't blogged in a while, and I hate for my first post to be a rant.. but just bear with me. I am getting seriously aggravated with ignorant blog commenters. If you're an ignorant blogger, fine.. I can choose not to read your blog. But when you're commenting on my blog or the blog of others I read, please try to have some manners. No, I don't expect you to agree with everything or anything we say. You are entitled to your opinions, but just be polite when making your opinions known. There is no need for you to show us how ignorant you are by running off at the mouth, insulting people and things that you know nothing about. If you're going to try to be all snarky and rude, at least do it intelligently. Do not bring your low self-esteem and equally low IQ onto my (or a friend's) blog. Keep it to yourself, because quite frankly.. no one cares. I don't go to wherever people are unfortunate enough to be hearing you speak and bad-mouth you for no reason. If I don't agree with you, I will either keep it to myself or find a decent way to tell you. Seriously, grow up and get a life. Thanks.

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ann marie said...

Babe, I know what you mean. People can be so negative for no reason. They need to keep it locked up!

Holly said...

Seriously! I hate when I'm reading through people's blogs and there's always some idiot who just has something rude to say about whatever. Blogs are personal and people shouldn't be mean when they read them. If you don't like it, don't read it!

Shannon said...

Seriously, I hate when people always have to put their opinion in about something, and half the time it makes no since what so ever. Why would you make yourself look more like an idiot then you already are? Just saying.