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My best friend just found her old website from high school. There was a page on it dedicated to our inside jokes. I am so amused by it. It is both amazing and embarrassing the things that we found so great back then. We were entertained by dancing in movie theaters and writing fake love notes in 8th grade chorus. We are random:

Ray- It's Molly! Why would I want to grow up? I wanna ride in giant tea-cups and spin around and around until I puke. Dancing in the movie theatre. Talking to myself on the flo, watching Switched and Hang Time! UPTOWN GIR(S)L! TLC days! Kenneth and the purple underwear. Butt pillow! We've got so many memories.. from JCBC to FCOG. Who would have thought that we ended up at the same church again after all these years?! I'm so glad we did. My car is my closet! CHILD OF LOVE! You’re my daughter and your sister is also my sister... wait a minute? I got an idea! Let's go roller-skating at 10 at night! Well, it was fun, except your broken leg and ankle and my messed up neck. We'll never do that again. But we had fun up until that moment. What do you want to eat? Oh I forgot you can't make a decision. How about chicken. Isn't this the same meal we had last time! We're old geezers that can sing! I'll use the walker and you will be in your wheel chair.. now what about Jamie? Oh yeah, the "letter" from 8th grade. Driving off campus everday for lunch. We have our routine (as long as we don't forget it!). Dancing in the movie theater, you hiding behind the curtain, gay waiters at Cracker Barrel (now I just work with them). Stalkers in the parking lot, wearing pink fluffy crowns on my birthday, okra and cornbread, IYC 2004. Performing open-heart surgery, setting random things on fire to see what happens. "WICKED! That's so wicked, I mean it's wicked!" Hacunamawhata? A blue enchilda! Trips to Due West and Uptown Girls. Eating ice cream for $1.25, you can't get that much ice cream for that cheap anywhere else, but hey.. it is Due West! Middler Camp- burning Tony Hawk (at least he was dead first) and the poor baby, do you have Tony Stewart? The sub skit, oh wait! I mean the snack shack! You know, I think we should still go to Wal-Mart and ask for some cuh-no-pees. Let's see what they give us! Beauty Queen Klutz. Guess what I'm going to save my money to buy? K-SMOOTH! Guess what I'm going to do in my spare time? K-SMOOTH! Guess what my first excuse for being late to work will be? I peed in my pants because and elephant exploded! Well I'm about to go flying blonde!

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Perksofbeingme said...

I'm embarrassed by myself.

ann marie said...

You girls are not right. Ah to be young again.