Reasons Why I Dumped You

Posted by Raychel Celeste

One of my favorite blogs is by a woman named Kate. She has second blog that I was just recently introduced to. As I understand, people were asked to send in simple reasons that they broke up with an ex. I just couldn't pass some of these up.
Reasons Why I Dumped You:
- You took me on a first date to a ping pong club...where you took lessons. You kept spiking the ping pong at me.
- You didn't know how to get from 7th avenue to 6th avenue.
- You offered to have your vasectomy reversed for me on our 3rd date.
- After a 10 minute monologue on why you said you were 5' 9" instead of 5' 6", you wanted to know if I wanted to see your porn collection.
- You tucked your sweater into your pants. Yuck.
- You interrupted my story to correct my pronunciation of “red herring,” insisting the H was silent. When I looked it up, you said the dictionary was wrong.

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Perksofbeingme said...

wow. These are sad, and yet funny. Glad you like the song. It's by an obscure artist I found while in college, and all of her songs are awesome.

p.s. Glad to know you were thinking that I wanted rum. You need serious help.