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A lot of junk has been going on lately. I could spend hours talking/typing here and pouring my emotions onto the screen, but I'd rather not. So, let me just state the facts. I tried to quit my job, yes "tried" and ended up just reducing my schedule to whenever I feel like working. I guess I should have done long ago. My boss and I have not exactly been getting along lately, and with school next sememster.. it just wasn't going to work out. So, my last real day at work was Saturday, and I'm pretty happy about that. And a friend of friends, a high school kid, died this week of Leukemia. We're driving up 4 HOURS to North Carolina for the funeral tomorrow. This will be the 3rd cancer-caused funeral this year. I will have lots of people to be shaving in honor of this coming year for St. Baldricks. Anyway, I finally finished all my Christmas shopping, sent all packages that needed sending, and have even wrapped most of everything. Oh, and on Christmas night, there's a sort of reunion of the classes of 2001-2005 from high school and I'm thinking it'll be pretty interesting. I'm kind of looking forward to it. So, I'm being optimistic about this coming week. I'm gonna need for it to be good.

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Holly said...

Why didn't you tell me about all this stuff going on?

rowland said...

hey, found you off the blog of the day site. probably be following you a bit on here.

Bethanie said...

I feel like a giangantor goober. I did NOT realize you had this blog. I'll never get caught up, so I'll just try starting with the last few. And if you ever need to just talk without advice, I can do that. I give advice too, but I don't get too offended when someone doesn't follow it. I don't always follow advice either. ;)