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Seventeen is the number of the week. Seventeen:
- today's date -- Happy St. Patrick's Day!
- number of volunteers we still need for the St. Baldrick's event next Saturday
- number of people who fell asleep atleast once during history class tonight
- cups of coffee I will need to make it through said history class
- number of times the teacher laughed at his own jokes that weren't funny
- age of my aunt (yes, aunt) who is now pregnant
- text messages sent during class
- doodles on the front of my notebook now (which bothers my OCDness)
- name of the magazine at the foot of my bed (don't judge me for that)
- number of times I told my dog to shut up today
- amount of blog posts that are missing in action so far this year

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Anonymous said...

this is pretty random. but i like it.

Shannon Vieau said...

Baha, I Cried Then Laughed Then Punched Myself While I Read this Post. lol

Raychel Celeste said...

Haha, uhh ok. You're such a freak Shannon.