Work and Waffle House

Posted by Raychel Celeste

I had a good week. Friday and Saturday were great. I worked doubles, so it is still surprising to me that I had such good days . I usually encounter some real douche bags at work, but the past few days I've met some awesome people. I even made an unintentional friend from an accidental phone call. That's a long story, but an awesome one. You must ask me about it later.
Last night was interesting. Brittany wanted to do something after I got off work, so I went to her house to watch The Rescuers and decorate orange cones. Ha! That is why this girl is my best friend.
I have a cookout with my family today. I didn't know about it until.. today. I guess it will be fun though. As much fun as family events can be. It's probably going to be a disaster and ruin my weekend. Even if it does, I'll just go out with Brittany or Shannon afterward and be retarded and have some random fun. That will make me happy again.

[Edit: 10:56am] Brittany just IMed me to ask to go to a picnic tonight. If we don't do that we'll probably end up doing something random. Plus, next week both of our parents are out of town. Time for trouble! All is good with the world.

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