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A little while back, I ran into my psychology teacher when he came into my work. We talked for a while and he told me about a new Personality Evaluation that he and some colleagues are developing. He ended up asking me to participate in a personality study for it. This involved several phone conversations and surveys, along with sit-down interviews. After about a month, my personal analysis finally came in. I just read it. It is very long and very thorough. I found the results somewhat amusing, but embarrassingly true. Here are some snippets from it:

Your sense of who you are and what your place is in the world around you rests on values and principles that are the solid ground you walk upon. You've tested them, they work for you, and much of the time you are content to trust them, that is, until some provocative new idea slips in from a conversation, book or some flight of your active imagination. "What's this. Never thought of it before." And off you go, exploring.
You have an understanding and compassionate heart. Yes, you know that others need to learn to take care of themselves. Yes, you know they need to accept the consequences of their foolish or bad behavior. And sometimes, even when your instinct is to help them, you will let them fend for themselves and let them suffer the consequences of their choices or circumstances.
You take great satisfaction in knowing that people think of you as disciplined and responsible, but you also know that you have something of a free spirit in you, and when this spirit moves you, off you go, following the impulse of the moment. You are rightly proud of your work ethic, but you also enjoy your willingness to lay the tools down, crank up the music and play like a child.
You listen well, but when it's your turn, you talk vigorously and with animation. In situations where you feel very safe, when you trust the people you're with, you can be very unrestrained. Some people are more cautious than you in personal encounters; others like to be more formal, more impersonal than is comfortable for you. Still others, who may want more of the spotlight, will find you too much to compete with once you get your lively and outgoing self in motion.

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Perksofbeingme said...

that's cool. I wanna do it! I'd be interested to see what mine says.

ann marie said...

Hehe wow. I couldn't have someone ask me those questions and explain myself to me. I would feel too vulnerable. More power to ya.