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A few weeks ago, our hot water heater died. We have a new one and just haven't installed it yet. It's summer.. we're not exactly missing hot water. BUT ever since that freaky storm the other day, we have no air conditioning. Once again, it is summer... we're suffering! On top of that, there has been no power in part of the house because of the storm. I'm not sure how you can have power in some rooms of the house, and not in others.. but it's possible. Luckily, my room is where the fuse box is.. so I have power. But it pretty much sucks not having any air at all, or power in the living room, kitchen, and bathroom.

Does someone want to adopt/kidnap me?
[Edit 7/12/08] We had to get a new switchboard for the power and AC. It's fixed now. We finally installed the hot water heater too, not that I will be using it for anything other than doing the dishes.

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Anonymous said...

that sucks. get a hotel, lol.

Perksofbeingme said...

I know how you feel. Feel free to come to the house whenever. You know where the key is. Just let yourself in.