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In the 3 ½ minutes it takes you to read this, another family will get the devastating news that their child has cancer. I lost two young friends to Leukemia in 2008 alone. I also have a number of adult relatives who have lost their battle with different forms of cancer. It's a disease that affects us all in some way.
The St. Baldrick’s Foundation exists to give families hope and the promise of a cure which will leave their child healthy and assured of a full life. The St. Baldrick’s mission is to raise awareness and funds for childhood cancer research. Raising awareness is the first step in the fight to end childhood cancer, but without proper funds, a cure will never be found.
Despite the economic challenges of our time, children with cancer continue to fight for their lives. So St. Baldrick's is asking for your support – fully recognizing it may be harder than ever to give. Generosity in a time of hardship is heroic – and heroism is the essence of the St. Baldrick’s community. Even if it isn't possible to give your money, your time as a volunteer or a shavee is equally appreciated. You will be surprised at how little you have to do in order to be a hero to someone with cancer.
Please join us in the fight for a cure and Be a Hero for Kids with Cancer!

With profound gratitude,
Raychel, a 2nd year volunteer

$5, $50, $500 - No amount goes unnoticed or unappreciated.
If you are unable to donate, please pass this link on wherever you can!

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ann marie said...

That's great Raych. You're doing a good thing. I'm going to pass this on to everyone in my contacts.