Friends + Snow = Monday Memory

Posted by Raychel Celeste

In lieu of the impending snow in South Carolina, today's memory is of the last time it snowed. I think it was two years ago, and I was a sophomore at Newberry College. Even then It wasn't near time for me to wake up, but I was disturbed by the playful screams in the hallway of our dorm. Before walking my pajama clad body out into the hall, I glanced out the window and saw the entire quad blanketed in snow. I ran to my neighbors room and woke them up, telling them it had actually snowed. The three of us put on layers of whatever clothes we could find first, and ran outside to play and write our names in the snow. A larger group of us braved the cold and walked around the whole campus to look at the snow and take pictures. It didn't take long before the snow grew on us, and we all got dressed in regular winter clothes and headed to the cafeteria, hoping the workers hadn't deserted us for lunch. Lucky for us, the crew had already arrived and warm meals were waiting for us. We ended up spending half the day in the cafeteria with all our on-campus classmates. Around these parts, there's usually only a fine layer of snow and it never sticks for long, but that year it continued to snow all day and through that night. We missed classes for two days, leaving us with a four day weekend. It was pretty great. I have the feeling it's not actually going to snow tonight, but I hope it does. Even though Southerners freak out in this weather, I think snow atleast looks calm and peaceful.

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Holly said...

Uh, and that was the weekend that I left for home early anyway, so I missed it!

Jonathan said...

bravo! lol.

Raychel Celeste said...

Jonathan, you are such a freak. You make no sense!